Midtown Pinhole Technique

Midtown Pinhole Technique

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Pinhole dentist in Midtown

Here at Cosmopolitan Dental, our priority is to provide the most effective and comfortable methods of treatment for our patients, and toward that end, we are pleased to make available our Midtown Pinhole technique, which is a revolutionary way to address receding gums, a typical effect of advanced gum disease. Furthermore, we are very pleased to have developed a partnership that makes this non-surgical procedure affordable even if you don’t have dental insurance. It’s all part of our total commitment to patient satisfaction.

Dental plaque and tartar cause gum disease, which in its early stages is usually only responsible for irritation and redness. Inflammation, infection, and receding gums are among the consequences for the later stages. The traditional solution has been gum grafting, which is a surgical method of using your own tissue or donor tissue to add new gum area to cover the roots of your teeth properly. And while it is usually a successful way to address the situation, it is well worth considering the benefits of our Midtown Pinhole technique. Our oral surgeon has been specially trained to perform it. The way it works is that a tiny pinhole is made in your gum tissue, and the gums are then expanded to cover the exposed area. You won’t need any new tissue, there is no cutting, and no stitches. Because of this, there is less discomfort afterward, healing is quicker, and you can expect the results to look perfectly natural and last you for a long time.

If you don’t have to take the risks of gum surgery, why should you do so? Thanks to our Midtown Pinhole technique, there is no need to answer that question. We suggest that you reach out to our office right away and schedule an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination to determine if this treatment is the right one for you.

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