Midtown toothache

Midtown Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Midtown

If you’ve ever felt a twinge when you inhaled or ate something hot or cold, you know the familiar experience of a Midtown toothache. When it strikes, taking action promptly it absolutely essential because the possibility of an infection, root canal, or even the loss of the tooth increases the longer you wait. Here at Cosmopolitan Dental, you can count on timely, expert, gentle care for tooth pain of any kind.

The most common causes of toothaches all share one aspect, which is that the protective layers of your tooth have become compromised. There is enamel on the outside, and dentin underneath. They form a barrier that keeps the nerve and pulp inside safe and protected. If you have a hole in your tooth or the structure of it is broken, that nerve and pulp are exposed. And that’s why you have your Midtown toothache. The typical reasons are a cavity, a filling that has come loose or fallen out, or a chipped or cracked tooth. The exposed nerve is bad enough, but if bacteria gets inside then you are dealing with infected pulp, and that will likely bring with it some other unpleasant symptoms, among which could be tooth discoloration, swelling, gum tenderness, and pain when chewing or putting pressure on the tooth. Our dentist will assess your Midtown toothache, determining the reason behind it, and then applying the appropriate treatment, which may be a filling or a dental crown. If root canal therapy is required, you will be numbed with local anesthesia beforehand to ensure maximum comfort. The worst case, of course, is if no treatment can be done and the tooth needs to be extracted. The sooner you seek out our dental care, the better the chances are that you can avoid that scenario.

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